Photography is a very personal thing for me so feel it makes sense you hear about me from myself. I am not going to blow smoke about myself and brag about previous accolade in the hope it will get you to want to work with me, proof is in the puddling.

I made the decision I wanted to become a professional Photographer back in 2014, dreaming of turning my hobby into a career. I learnt photography and developed my style through hard work, un-waived optimism and a lot of trial and error inspired by many Youtube videos.

I spent 2 years blagging my way into as many UK clubs and festivals as I possibly could shooting for free in order to build a respectable portfolio, once I had attained this I focused on getting published. This journey saw my work transition to shooting portraiture and editorial commissions, which eventually landed me a front cover for DJ Mag. I have been fortunate enough that my work has been noticed in the photographic community leading me to talk at events like 'The Photography Show' and land multiple creditable sponsorships with the likes of Samyang, Capture One and Peli.

I made the decision to focusing on portraiture because I like to think I am a peoples person, I love finding out about the people I am shooting, their backstories fascinate me to discover who they are and try to bring that out in the images we create together. 

Currently my work is focused in the dance music industry, travelling the world shooting commercial and editorial commissions of superstar DJs and the events they play at. This has moulded me to be highly adaptable and efficient under-pressure, I focus on dance music because I genuinely love it, which I feel is key when you work for yourself and keeps my work pure and full of passion.

If you want to stay up to date with my work  head over to my socials, for any projects you feel I fit the bill for please get in touch.  

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