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Photography Business Consultancy

£1000.00 GBP

There is no shortage of amazing photographers out there but there is a very small pool of Photographers that can make great use of modern marketing and business skills to take their businesses beyond expectations. I have used my education and experience working for companies like Sony, Bowens, Rotolight and Kenro to develop a successful profile as a leading photographer in my field. 

When it comes to being successful as a photographer there are many variables and I have faced them all and found ways to grow my brand and business, these skills are no longer useful to myself and I offer my expertises to help other creatives pursuit their dreams.

This is no quick fix and the package is designed to be worked at by both parties over a 3 month period, with calls, meeting, reviews and all the elements you would expect in any good business plan. From this you can expect to have a clear understand of what your specialism is, where your clients are, how to find them, engage with them and sell your solution to them.

We will strengthen your portfolio using my skills, develop your social strategy and teach you ways to connect with vital resources. 

* 36 hour package, 3 hours per week over 3 months * 

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