How to create an Electronic Press Kit - EPK

The Electronic Press Kit (or EPK, as it’s known to industry heads) is the music businesses equivalent of a CV. Essentially, a good EPK showcases you or talent you manage as an artist as well as keeping your narrative up to date for journalists, DJ’s, promoters, and giving your availability to venues/festival bookers.

When it comes to building your EPK you should consider, in this rapidly growing competitive industry, professionals are being swamped with a barrage of press materials from artists. Because of this, it’s essential that you present yourself as best you can when approaching them, this ensures that you make their job of sifting through the noise that bit easier. I have worked with 100’s of artists to build there and here’s what i think you need to create the best possible EPK.


Whether you’re sending your EPK to a magazine or  booker, the first thing they will want access to is the music! It seems pretty obvious, but I would advise listing your top three tracks in order. When doing this, try to steer clear of picking your personal favourites, instead use any data you have on what is the best in terms of reach or use (purchase history, stream count etc.) this is what counts when trying to get noticed.


This is your pitch so add background information about yourself as well as details of any previous or upcoming releases you may have. Before you begin writing, consider any unique selling points you have –  interesting stories or quirks, build your story – this plays a part in setting you apart from other artists and helping to define where you want to be in years to come.

Photos and Artwork

This is my specialism and have worked with hundreds of artists ensuring they have a range of creative images that are usable by industry and unique enough to catch the eye of potential bookers! I advise you make sure you have a range of portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) hi-res photos that fit the varying layouts of different media channels. Hi-res images can take up a lot of space and be harder to share quickly online, so it might be worth putting them into a Dropbox folder or another shareable link for ease of access. I advise you keep the entire EPK online and have created a youtube video detailing how here.


Video is the fastest growing media format, everyone has a powerful hi res screen in their pockets so having content that is easily shared and has high impact will help you cause. Having a dynamic and slick video that captures your personality or demonstrates your energy during live performances will stand you in good stead with promoters and fans alike.


There is nothing worse than a page that doesn’t link anywhere, ensure all your social channels link to each other, you want to keep the viewer always landing on one of your pages. Check and check again all your links work and plug there at every opportunity 

Previous Press  

If you have managed to get yourself some press, remember to include links and screenshots in your EPK and on your website, as this proves you’re worth with media and press begets more press, here is how I showcase my previous accolades - Lukes Press

Contact Details

Add you email address, social handles and phone number everywhere you can. You can add these details to all social platforms and its worth creating an email signature with your contact details and a link to you press kit, leaving no rock unturned. 

I specialise in shooting artist press shoots as well as advising them on how to use said images, if you need help with your imaging please get in touch ;-) 

Time Out London Feature!

Ive always been hugely driven to get my work in publications as I see it as a huge accolade that shows where you are in your career! 

I have got work published in and on numbers magazines, a new one for me is Time Out London! 

This is Huge for me as it take me outside of the dance music industry, I could actually walk out of Liverpool street station and pick up a copy with my images in! 

So proud and proof that if you get a goal its totally achievable! 


Small studio solved!

If your studio is limited to space here is a very simply way to overcome that issue using Photoshop! 

Its short and simple, enjoy! 

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