I fell in love!!

As you know i am know an affiliate of Capture One, with this comes losing all my previous editing software and fully taking this on amazing solution……. well I fell in love and here is why.

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EPK Guide!

This is my favourite subject and my specialism, I have worked with 100’s of DJ’s helping them build their EPKs to help them progress in their DJ careers.

This video talks about all the elements you need to create EPK and even has a link to my press kit to help you along the way! 

HTBARP Podcast!

After I put my video up about shooting for free I got some great exposure and from this I was approached by Matthias at HTBARP. He asked if I would talk about my career as a photographer and why I started shooting for free, this is extremely huge as other photographers being interviewed are the likes of Scott Kelby!!! 

You can hear the podcast on itunes along with plenty more from some truly amazing photographers! 

Here is the audio clip on my channel for my fans :-) 


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