Working for free?

When I first started as a photographer I spent a year working for free! In these years I took time to build my portfolio, by approaching people directly and asking if to shoot small projects with them. With this portfolioI could then pitch to potential clients!

A photographer is only worth the value of their portfolio I believe without a strong portfolio it’s difficult to progress as a professional photographer, some photographers will challenge this statement and say I’m ruining the industry by working for free……The reality is you will always need to challenge yourself and sometimes you may not be out to do that under the direction of the client; so taking on personal projects which are free will help you change the direction of your photography.

In this video I talk about my career as a photographer why I work for free and results I’ve got off the back of it, hopefully any new photographers or experience photographers can take a lesson from this and utilise it in their own work? If you enjoy video please subscribe

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So being more of a talker than a writer I decided to start a youtube channel, I will share all the experience I have gained to help other progress in their careers as a Photographer! 

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